Alessandro ZISE Costantini

pianist & composer

Alessandro Costantini is a pianist and composer, an eclectic musician, who moves within the most disparate musical experiences. His playing is charming and inventive without a doubt.

Musical references are numerous, from Classic to Ethnic, but this would be reductive in the face of a musician who ranks among the most interesting ones of the international scene.

His play is considered new, if not innovative for his quaint use of rhythm and his captivating harmonies. His pianistic technique is brilliant, but clean of virtuosity as an end to itself.

Latest Releases


Many Lives

Many Lives is an album which contains music for piano and synthesizer, mostly written and all arranged by Alessandro Costantini, who delicately embraces The Beatles or The Police to then arrive at atmospheres both dreamy and ethereal.

“Eclectic. A pianist who breaks the rules and satisfies the need for new notes.”

Donatella Miliani, La Nazione

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